THE EVENING - a night of Swing

The Vienna Big Band Project featuring Carole Alston (AT/USA)

The Vienna Big Band Project

This is going to be a special evening:

The Vienna Big Band Project is a full big band with 18 musicians that will play the finest Swing tunes of the Big Band Era for you.

Their sound brings you back to the days of Count Basie, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman.

We also welcome the lovely Carole Alston as singer of the big band! Her soft yet powerful voice is pure pleasure.

You can enjoy by just sitting or watching, BUT you can also grab the opportunity and dance!

Zwa Voitrottln
Before the live music and the dancing, we have a short pre-show with the latest winners of the "Große ORF Comedy Chance 2012", the entertaining and musically very talented Zwa Voitrottln!

In addition, there will be a Vintage booth offering hats, original music/vinyl/shellack disks, and shoe bags specially designed for this charity event!
The Vintage-Shop is presented by Karin Bergmayer Hutobjekte.

Plus there will be a small art exhibit with paintings by Claudia Gabriel.

There will be a full dance floor open to everybody.

Free seating! There are seats available in 2 floors - you can sit wherever theres a spot!


DJs Ka Star and Dean Maritim

During the breaks and after the live set, DJs Ka Star and Dean Maritim (AT) will move your feet and your souls.

Both dancers, they have a fine ear for classical swing tunes, but are also curious and open to all that swings.



There are times for dancing, love and life.
But there are also times for pain, despair and death.

When an important person in your life falls terminally ill, your world is falling to pieces. In our modern times, we are not prepared to face illness and death.
In these situations, every support is more than welcome - especially if the support is qualified and well-trained.

Mobile Palliative Care Teams (service by Caritas Austria) are providing fully qualified support for patients and their family:

  • With their help, patients can spend the rest of their lives at home, with their families
  • Patients receive medical and psychological support
  • Care-taking family members receive psychological and mental support
  • When the time has come, they help you accepting and understanding death

However not all teams have the same portfolio and range of support. This - alas - is often a question of money - and awareness.

The Mobile Palliative Care Team Korneuburg (Lower Austria) is one of the few providing 24 h/7 day support.
If you ever get in this situation, you quickly learn to understand how crucial this all-time availability is.

This charity event intends to

  • raise the awareness for the Mobile Palliative Teams in general, and the Team Korneuburg in particular
  • inform about the possibilities
  • stress the importance of 24/7-availability and maximum range of homogeneous services


Please help us raise as much money as possible for this team!

You can

  • sponsor this event by donating a sum of your choice; you will be featured on the website as sponsor, in a leaflet set for the evening and mentioned in press releases.
  • donate money for the Mobile Palliative Care Team only.

  • For more information about sponsorship:
    Sandra Hartbach

    This evening is supported by:

    DREHM Pharma GmbH - Sponsor Wiener Volkshochschulen - HdB Döbling - Supporter 14. Internationales Akkordeonfestival Vienna - Supporter

    For more information the Mobile Palliative Care Team and donations:
    Mobile Palliative Care Team Korneuburg